Apply to be a CA

The deadline to apply to be a Cultural Advisor has passed, but we encourage you to apply next spring for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Why Apply to be a Cultural Advisor?

The Cultural Advisor program is devoted to fostering the inclusion of students on campus. Ideal candidates are genuinely interested in learning more about other cultures, identities, and lived experiences and finding ways to share that knowledge throughout campus.

CAs can be rising sophomores through seniors, and typically represent a wide range of identities and backgrounds. All CAs will live in designated spaces in upper-class residence halls and may be the designated CA for the building they live in or a building close by.

The application process generally requires that you complete an application, participate in a one-on-one interview with Lisa Miles, have one faculty or staff member submit a recommendation, and participate in a group interview with the other applicants.

How do I learn more about being a CA?

The complete position description explains what is expected of a CA and includes information regarding the work they do in the residence halls and with SpiderNights.

What do I need to do to apply?

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can a CA be an RA?
    No, a CA and an RA are separate positions and have separate responsibilities.
  • Can you go abroad and still be a CA?

    Yes, we will consider students who will be abroad for a semester. Please let Lisa Miles know if you are planning to go abroad when you apply.

  • Can a CA be an Orientation staff member?

    This will be allowed only for the academic year 2021-2022. Usually, the CA training process does not allow for you to be an OA as their trainings overlap. If you apply as an OA, you must be prepared to join the group as soon as Orientation is over, and make up the training within the first few weeks of school.

  • Are CAs paid?

    CAs are not paid. However, this is a vibrant leadership development program, that includes a generous programming allowance each semester for residence hall and SpiderNights activities, and training that is helpful both in your role as a CA and your life after college.

  • Can I choose the residence hall I work in?

    You have some input, and can let us know if there is a particular population that interests you. When you are offered the position, you will be told the residence hall in which you have been placed, and you can decide at that time whether to accept the position. If you are applying after the housing lottery has been completed you will live in the room you selected and depending on the needs of the program you will either be the CA for that building or an adjacent one.

  • Do CAs have singles or doubles?

    It depends on the building. Most often you will be in a single room unless you request a roommate, or you have been accepted into an SSIR. You may live with the roommate of your choice and select your suitemates as well.

  • Can CAs live in the apartments?

    CAs may go through the lottery and if they receive housing in the apartments and have the approval of the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion, they may perform their role there. The CA would be expected to participate in SpiderNights planning and hosting. For their programming requirement they would host one meal a month called a Meet and Eat for a small, diverse group of students in their apartment. More information about this can be found in the CA position description.