Multicultural Pre-Orientation Program

Sun., Aug. 14 - Wed., Aug. 17, 2022

Each year the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion hosts the Pre-orientation (Pre-O) program for incoming Latinx American, Asian American, African American, Native American, and multi-racial American students.

Pre-O is a three-day transition program that takes place before New Spider Orientation and introduces first-year students to our diverse campus community and provides them with an opportunity to meet and interact with new and returning students of color who will serve as mentors. During this transition program, students will have a chance to create family-like bonds with their peers and interact with faculty and administrators who will present a series of activities and workshops designed to assist students in establishing a network of peer connections and help them gain familiarity with important academic, social, and cultural supports.

As a Pre-O participant, your general expenses such as housing, room, and board for those three days will be covered by the University. There is no fee associated with participating in the program.

If admitted into the program, the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion will e-mail you with more information regarding location and related details.

For more information regarding the Pre-O program, please call the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion at (804) 289-8032 or contact Morgan Russell.

We hope you will join us for this fun and diverse Pre-Orientation experience!