Multicultural Student Space

The Multicultural Student Space offers students a comfortable lounge to hang out, hold meetings, host events, and relax and recharge between or after classes. While the Multicultural Student Space was created to primarily serve students of color, it is open to anyone in the campus community interested in connecting with students from backgrounds different than their own. 

Currently the Multicultural Student Space and Patio are available for Multicultural/ Ethnic student organizations to host on-going events and/or private meetings. All events must be booked no later than one week prior to the date of the event or meeting. If availability allows, a Student Coordinator can be scheduled to help with setup of the event. All clubs, organizations, or departments hosting an event or private meeting are responsible for the clean-up and disposal of any food or drink items.

 Please see the protocol below for Multicultural/Ethnic student organizations to book the Space:

  • The Center the Student Involvment must first approve the event through Presence
  • Once approval is received then the designated event scheduler for the organization can log into the Event Management System (EMS) and click on “request the Multicultural Space”
  • Please complete the form in its entirety and be sure to include a brief description of the event, if it is a private meeting or event open to the campus community, room setup, and if you would like assistance from a Multicultural Space Student Coordinator to assist.
  • You should wait for a confirmation of approval from the SCEI Administrative Assistant before advertising your event.

For any questions please contact Adriane Gibson at