THRIVE Program

THRIVE is a program created to help students of color build community, empower each other, and learn more about their identity and how to embrace it. Mirrored after the Multicultural Pre-Orientation Experience, THRIVE gives students the opportunity to build communities that will help them flourish throughout their journey here at UR. Students that participate in THRIVE will have access to activities, sessions, and identity-building experiences that will allow them to discover who they are and the value their ethnic background adds to the UR community. The program will also allow students from different communities of color to connect with each other. We hope that students participating in this year-long program will gain a network of peers that they feel comfortable with continuing to build a relationship of understanding and friendship.  

Students from all classes can participate in THRIVE, and it will allow students who did not get a chance to participate in Multicultural Pre-O to foster community with other multicultural students.

THRIVE will meet every 3rd Thursday each month. Students who decide to be a part of THRIVE will be asked to participate in all six of the meetings.

To learn more please join us for the THRIVE interest meeting on Thu., Sep. 9 at 6:00 p.m. in the Brown Alley Room. Please e-mail Morgan Russell if you are interested in participating in THRIVE.