Multicultural Students

The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion creates programs for Multicultural students which includes APIDA (Asian), Black or African American, Indigenous, Latinx, and International. The purpose for these programs is to promote cross-cultural learning and allyship, build community, and help our students develop a sense of belonging and find their place here at UR. Please see below a list of reoccuring programs for students within our multicultural community and follow this page for upcoming events.
  • Multicultural Student Programs

    Thrive Multicultural Experience

    Thrive’s purpose is to help multicultural students build community, develop professional skills, explore and embrace their identities, and prepare for their next adventure. The multicultural student experience is not a monolith and changes over time. This is why Thrive was developed as a collection of three different tracks; Orientation, Community, and Success. Each track is curated to cultivate, advocate, celebrate, and empower multicultural students throughout the different phases of their college experience.

    Thrive Orientation

    Thrive Orientation is a early summer transition program for first-year multicultural students. This program helps first year students with multicultural identities build community, meet new people, and discuss topics about what it means to be multiucltural at UR all while having fun! The goal of this program is to prepare multicultural students for a seamless transition into the UR campus community. Participants also receive a multicultural peer mentor to help them the first few weeks of classes and to continue to be a source of support. 


    Men/Masculinity of Color Affinity Group

    This group is open to all multicultural students that identify as male or as having masculine gender expression. They meet twice a month as a way to bond and open about how their identity may be impacting them at UR. Please see the Affinity Group page for more information about meeting dates and times.


    Shades of Pride

    Shades of Pride is an affinity group bringing together multicultural LGBTQ+ students at UR. Affinity group meetings are held biweekly and serve as an affirming space for student led dialogue and empowerment. Please see the Affinity Group page for more inforamtion about meeting dates and how to join. 


    Cultural Kickbacks

    Cultural kickbacks happen in the Multicultural Student Space once a month and is coordinated by student employees of the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion. Each kickback has food that highlights a certain culture within the Multicultural community as well as great music. Cultural kickbacks are open to all students that are open to learning from and meeting different people than themselves.  

    For additional information about these programs and others please contact Dani Dho Roberts, Associate Director for Multicultural Programs & Support. 
  • African American/Black Student Programs

    The university has 3 student organizations (Black Student Union, Sankofa/African Student Alliance, West Indian Lynk) that specifically focus on bringing together and advocating for Black students at UR. Please visit Presence to learn more about how to join these organizations and others. 


    The Black Women’s affinity group convenes Black students that identify as a woman or as having feminine gender expression. This affinity group meets twice a month and is facilitated by Upperclass students and a faculty member. The group is small as a way to encourage deeper dialogue around lived experiences as a Black woman at UR and in the world.  


    Currently, the University of Richmond supports three Black Greek (National Pan-Hellenic Council) lettered organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. The purpose for these fraternities and sororities is to provide community for Black students and continue to uplift each other and the city they reside in to create service opportunities and civic engagement efforts. We welcome those who wish to join these organizations to chat with their members and stay up to date for any upcoming interest meetings.  


    The Black Excellence gala is a formal event that happens annually during Black History Month. The gala is a celebration of the resilience and contributions of the Black community through arts, scholarship, community service, and activism. Campus faculty, staff, students, and Alumni are all welcome to celebrate the achievements of our Black community at UR.  


  • Latinx Student Programs

    Latinx Heritage Month 

    September 15-October 15th, please see the celebratory webpage for more information on heritage month events and ways to participate in celebrating Latinx culture. 

    Cafe Con Leche

    Café con Leche is a monthly dialogue series for Latinx students, faculty, and staff to discuss Latinx identity, cultures, and socio-political happenings.


    A Bite of Chisme

    "A Bite of Chisme" is a monthly community meet-up, co-hosted by Solidarity Organization for Latinx Students (SOLS), for Latinx students and their allies. 


  • APIDA (Asian) Student Programs

    What is APIDA?

    APIDA stands for Asian, Pacific Island, Desi, and Arab. It is an acronym used to represent all the specific identities within the Asian cultural diaspora, some which have been historically excluded as community members due to Western influence and imperialism. The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion is dedicated to providing programs and opportunities that empower, celebrate, and support all identities within the APIDA community.


    Cultural Holiday Celebrations

    Throughout the academic year we provide celebrations and worship opportunities for important cultural holidays practiced across the Asian continent. Listed below are some of the major holidays we celebrate on campus.



    Communities that Celebrate

    Mid-Autumn Festival Harvest Moon Festival East and Southeast Asian Communities
    Diwali Festival of Lights Desi, Hindu, Sikh, and Jain Communities
    Lunar New Year Beginning of the Lunar Calendar East and Southeast Asian Communities
    Holi Festival of Spring/Colours Hindu Communities


    APIDA Women’s Leadership Group

    A leadership and mentoring group for Asian, Pacific Island, Desi, and Arab identifying women/femmes. This group serves as a community for students to discuss how racism, xenophobia, and sexism affect the lives of women of Asian descent on the UR campus and in the United States, more broadly. Its purpose is to provide an affirming space for students to talk about identity, discrimination, and gendered racism so that they may navigate campus race relations and advocate for themselves and their peers in productive ways. 


    APIDA Heritage Month

    An annual month-long celebration full of programs and events that celebrate the APIDA community on campus. The national celebratory month dedicated to the APIDA community is observed in May in the United States. However, since the primary academic year at the University of Richmond ends in late April, APIDA students are left without a cultural celebration month. This is why APIDA Heritage Month is celebrated from March 15 - April 15, to ensure that it does not impact other cultural heritage or history months.

    For questions about upcoming APIDA related programs and support, please contact Dani Dho-Roberts, Associate Director of SCEI and APIDA Student Support Coordinator.