Multicultural Students

The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion (SCEI) provides invaluable support and assistance to the growing number of diverse students at the University of Richmond. The SCEI seeks to develop a sense of community among multicultural students and to celebrate the various heritages that make up the fabric of our unique community.

The SCEI and the Univeristy of Richmond offer a wide array of programming and support services for under-represented populations:


  • Men's Groups
  • Women's Groups
    • Asian Womens' Mentoring Group
    • Black Womens' Group
    • Latinx Womens' Group
  • One-on-one advisement
    • Dr. Tina Cade and Dr. Morgan Russell provide personal advisement to multicultural students to help explore their identity and connect to resources specifcially tailored to meet their needs. 

Cultural Programming & Identity Development

Browse the links above to learn about the ways the SCEI is here for you and the opportunities UR provides for multicultual students.