Affinity Groups

The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion (SCEI) provides invaluable support and assistance to the growing number of diverse students at the University of Richmond. The SCEI seeks to develop a sense of community among our students and their allies and to celebrate the various heritages that make up the fabric of our unique community.

Our staff is available to meet on an individual basis with students to support their retention and overall well-being. These meetings typically focus on a student's academic performance and general adjustment to the campus community, as well as articulated special needs.

Over the years, our staff, alumni, and student leaders have initiated several support groups which serve as venues for reflection, personal growth, and validation. These groups often become valuable networks that help strudents rely upon and uphold one another:

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  • Latinx Students Network: Cafe con Leche

    Café con Leche is a social opportunity for self-identified Latinx students to connect with one another and meet Latinx faculty and staff (including non-Latinx allies) to engage in discussions regarding varying issues of interests in Latinx societies. Community building and educational activities such as panel discussions, alumni visits, community building exercises, informal mentoring opportunities, and campus resource announcements will take place at select Café con Leche gatherings.

    Please contact Morgan Russell for more information about Cafe con Leche events.

  • Women of Color Group

    The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion facilitates several Women’s Groups where students meet regularly to engage in conversations about topics that affect them academically, emotionally, and spiritually. The discussion topics are student-selected and often student-led. Past topics have included discussions regarding self-esteem, self-awareness, conflict resolution, family relations, and dating relationships. Through the group, participants collectively become important sources of affirmation and support for one another, particularly during times of difficulty.

    Please contact Tina Cade for more information about joining and meeting dates.

  • Asian Womens’ Leadership Group

    Coming in AY2021-22, a leadership and mentoring group for Asian and AAPI women students. This group will serve as a community for students to discuss how racism, xenophobia, and sexism affect the lives of women of Asian descent on the UR campus and in the United States, more broadly. Its purpose is to provide a safe space for students to talk about identity, discrimination, and gendered racism so that they may navigate campus race relations and advocate for themselves and their peers in productive ways.

     The first meeting will take place in the Brown Alley Room at 6:00pm.

     For meeting information please contact Dr. Jennifer Erkulwater or Dr. Tze Loo

  • Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope is an affinity group created to provide support and community for students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and no label. To join this affinity group, please register here.

  • Shades of Pride
    Shades of Pride is an affinity group, founded to empower LGBTQ students of color and their allies. Shades of Pride provides space for queer students of color on campus to share their experiences in navigating the intersections of race and queer identities. If you are interested in this affinity group, please register here.