Allyship: Supportive and advocative association with members of a marginalized or mistreated group to which one does not belong.

The Student Center for Equity & Inclusion provides a variety of workshops, briefs, and trainings to help educate members of the community who are interested in developing skills to better support and advocate for other community members who have identities from historically excluded groups.

Inclusive Partners Certificate Program

The Inclusive Partners Certificate Program is a new collaborative intiative based out of the Student Center for Equity & Inclusion. Through a series of workshops, the SCEI and its partners invite University of Richmond students, staff, and faculty to build a toolkit of inclusive practices for various identity communities. This program allows participants to complete it at their own pace as long as it is completed within one (1) calendar year. 

Every participant is required to attend an introductory workshop before progressing onto community specific workshops. After completing the intro workshop, program participants are required to attend at least three (3) additional community specific workshops. Once participants have completed all program requirements, they will receive a Certificate of Inclusive Partnership that recognizes their completion of the program and their status as an inclusive partner of the SCEI at UR.

Every inclusive partner is required to attend one (1) refresher discussion session every year to keep their inclusive partner status. These refresher sessions allow our partners to learn of any changes or developments in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion and provides them the opportunity to discuss how they've incorporated inclusive practices into their personal and professional habits.

Affirming Spaces - LGBTQ+ Support

To ensure that all our students can show up as their authentic selves in whatever context they find themselves in, we are committed to strengthening the LGBTQ+ cultural competency of students, faculty, and staff through our "Affirming Spaces" Training Program (formerly known as "Safe Zone").  Individuals who are interested in receiving the "Affirming Spaces" designation will need to complete a series of two 90-minute trainings.  Once passed, they can elect to have their directory information publicly listed on our website.  They will also be able to attend our "Deeper Dives", which are 60-minute trainings that focus on continuing education through specialized topics.