First-generation Staff & Faculty

Wondering if there are any staff and faculty who share your experience as a first-gen undergrad? There are many! All the UR Community members listed below were also the first in their families to get a bachelor's degree, and many went on to advanced degrees. Scan the list below to see if any of the staff and faculty you know have a first-gen story to tell.

Dixon Abreu, Director of Portuguese, Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

Jannette Amaral-Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Spanish, Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

Rod Adams, Visiting Professor, Law School

Susan Albaugh, Adjunct Instructor, School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Lisa Bayard, Tyler's Manager, Retail Operations

Eric Beatty, Police Lieutenant, Public Safety

Linda Boland, Associate Provost, and Professor of Biology

Kathrin Bower, Professor of German Studies and Associate Dean, Department of Languages, Literature, and Culture

Jennifer Bowie, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Sunni Brown, Director of Media and Public Relations, University Communications

Kevin Bruny, Associate Professor, School of Professional and Continuing Studies

Shani Buchholz, Financial Aid Advisor, Office of Financial Aid

Cindy Bukach, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Julia Burke, Program Manager, Teacher Education

Kevin Butterfield, University Librarian, Boatwright Library

Valerie Caminiti, Associate Registrar

James Campbell, Director of Marketing & Communications, School of Professional and Continuing Studies

Lindsey Campbell, Media Relations Specialist, University Communications

Sheila Carapico, Professor, Department of Political Science & Department of Global Studies

Lester Caudill, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Jessica Chan, Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Lakiesha Cheatham, Director of Budget and Operations, Robins School of Business

Dan Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Kim Chiarchiaro, Front of the House Coordinator, Modlin Center for the Arts

Rodney Cogbill, HR Business Partner, Human Resources

Thomas Cosse, Associate Dean & Professor, Robins School of Business

Russ Collins, Chemistry Lab Manager, Department of Chemistry

Ronald Crutcher, President Emeritus and Professor of Music, Department of Music

Kim Dean-Anderson, Associate Director, Community Relationships & UR Downtown, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement

Du'Neika Easley, Asst VP, Office of Internal Audit

Kim Edwards, Computer Services Coordinator, Law School

Joe Essid, Writing Center Director, Department of English

Brandy Ewell, Assistant Director, Career Services, Office of Alumni & Career Services

Dan Fabian, Associate Dean, Richmond College

Al Fagan, Instructor of Accounting (Retired), Robins School of Business

Kerry Fankhauser, Associate Dean, Westhampton College

Christy Farmer, Administrative Coordinator, Westhampton College

Carolyn Foster, Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Admission

Jan French, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Anne Van Gelder, Director of Dance, Department Theatre & Dance

Dara Gocheski, Chief of Staff to the President

Priscilla Greene, Admission Counselor, Undergraduate Admission

Kathy Greenier, Director of Career Development for Emerging Careers, School of Law

Andrew Gurka, Director of New Student and Transition Programs, Student Development

Erica Hall, Operations Manager, Office of the Dean, Law School

Lisa Hamiel, Assessment Specialist, Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Nathan Hansen, Studio Art Lab Manager, Department of Art & Art History

Natisha Harper, SPCS Librarian, Boatwright Library

Morgan Harrell, Associate Director of Operations, Annual Giving

Aurora Hermida-Ruiz, Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Studies

Patricia Herrera, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre & Dance

Belinda Hill, Associate Director, Office of Financial Aid

Violet Ho, Associate Professor, Robins School of Business

Kathy Hoke, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dorothy Holland, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre & Dance

Cindy Holma, Assistant to Chief of Police, Public Safety

Amy Howard, Senior Administrative Officer, Equity and Community

Crystal Hoyt, Professor and Associate Dean, Jepson School of Leadership Studies

Glyn Hughes, Director, Institutional Equity, Office of Equity and Community

Corey Janecky, Director of Operations and Technology, Robins School of Business

Miles Johnson, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Iria Jones, Operations Manager, Boatwright Memorial Library

Lynda Kachurek, Head Rare Books & Special Collections, Boatwright Library

Jessica Kalista, Director of Advancement Data & Analytics, Advancement

Kasongo Kapanga, Professor of French, Department of Languages, Literature, and Cultures

Jeannine Keefer, Visual Resources Librarian, Boatwright Memorial Library

Chris Klein, Associate Director of Study Abroad, Office of International Education

Rachel Koch, Staff Psychologist, CAPS

Olivia Aronson LaFont, Assistant Professor, Robins School of Business

Crystal LaVoi Lang, Director, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Controller's Office

Somiah Lattimore, Director of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Office of the Provost

Sheetal Lee, Administrative Coordinator, Office of International Education

Jeff Legro, Provost, Office of the Provost

Angela Leeper, Director of Curriculum Materials Center, Department of Education

Jennifer Lo Prete, Communications Manager, School of Arts and Sciences

Justin Madron, GIS Project Manager & Analyst, Digital Scholarship Lab

Katie Mahan, Licensed Professional Counselor, CAPS

Leigh Ann Martin, Metadate Librarian, Boatwright Memorial Library

Tom Mattson, Assistant Professor, Robins School of Business

Dave McCoy, AVP Public Safety and Chief of Police, Public Safety

Rhonda McIlwain, Gift Planning Officer, Office of Gift Planning

Ladelle McWhorter, Professor, Department of Philosophy

Mike Miller, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Public Safety

Andy Morton, Web Technologies Librarian, Boatwright Library

Tom Mullen, Director of Public Affairs Journalism and Catholic Chaplain

Madeline Nathe, Registered Dietitian, Dining Services

David Niethamer, Music Director, Department of Music

Mike Norris, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Luci Ortiz, User Support Specialist, Boatwright Library

Dan Palazzolo, Professor and Interim Dean, Department of Political Science and Arts & Sciences

Cheryl Poston, HR Representative, Human Resources Department

Francoise Ravaux-Kirkpatrick, Professor of French and Film Studies, Department of Languages, Literature, and Culture

Danica Jade Rios, Manager of Administrative & Technical Services, School of Professional and Continuing Studies

Tom Roberts, AVP Health and Well-being

Kathy Rothert, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Laura Runyen-Janecky, Professor, Department of Biology

Alaina Schneider, Communications Manager, Office of Alumni and Career Services

Travis Smith, Library Project Manager, Boatwright Library

Bob Spires, Assistant Professor of Graduate Education, School of Professional and Continuing Studies

Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, Head, Access Services, Boatwright Library

Brenda Thomas, Director of Grant Support, Foundation, Corporate & Government Relations

Lily Thompson, Lab Research Manager, Department of Biology

Marcella Torres, Director of Mathematical Studies, Department of Math & Computer Sciences

Keesha Trim, Director of Risk Management, Public Safety

Diana Trinh, International Student Advisor, Office of International Education

Danielle Tucker, Front of the House Manager, Heilman Dining Center

Karen Turner, Budget Coordinator, Office of Planning & Budget

Valarie Vendrzyk, Associate Professor, Robins School of Business

Hope Walton, Director of Academic Skills, Academic Skills Center

Jamelle Wilson, Dean, School of Professional & Continuing Studies

Carol Wittig, Head Research & Instruction, Boatwright Library

Yucel Yanikdag, Associate Professor, Department of History

Mina F. Zatelli, Assistant to the Dean, Faculty Support Specialist, Robins School of Business

Elizabeth Zizzamia, GIS Operations Manager, Department of Geography & the Environment

Kathy Zoghby, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Biology

Diane Zotti, Administrative Coordinator, Department of Sociology & Anthropology