LGBTQ+ Campus Life

The Student Center for Equity & Inclusion aims to uplift and center those groups that have been historically marginalized, underrepresented, and/or excluded from higher education.  This includes, but is not limited to, those students that identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (LGBTQ+).  The LGBTQ+ Campus Life team is comprised of our Associate Director, Casey Butler (they/them), and two student workers who help coordinate our events and programming.

Research shows that social support is THE number one protective factor for LGBTQ+ youth, so a big priority of ours is to build LGBTQ+ community amongst our student population.  We do this through partnering with the LGBTQ+ Coalition, the official student organization on campus, as well as coordinating our own Affinity Groups: Ace/Aro+ Space, Bi/Pan+ Social Support, Kaleidoscope (for trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming students), and Shades of Pride (for LGBTQ+ students of color).  We also are responsible for bringing LGBTQ+ events, programming, and initiatives to the wider campus community and beyond.

To ensure that all our students can show up as their authentic selves in whatever context they find themselves in, we are committed to strengthening the LGBTQ+ cultural competency of students, faculty, and staff through our "Affirming Space" Training Program (formerly known as "Safe Zone").  Individuals who are interested in receiving the "Affirming Spaces" designation will need to complete a series of two 90-minute trainings.  Once passed, they can elect to have their directory information publicly listed on our website.  They will also be able to attend our "Deeper Dives", which are 60-minute trainings that focus on continuing education through specialized topics.

For more information about LGBTQ+ Campus Life at the University of Richmond, please contact Casey Butler (they/them) at or (804) 484-1653.