Spider FLI Mentors

Welcome to the Spiders FLI Mentor Program, which features returning first-generation and/or limited-income student mentors who will be paired with incoming Spiders FLI mentees. The mentors are all academically successful and very excited to work with new first-gen or limited-income students. They will be available to talk about any and all challenges you may have settling in academically or socially and will be very knowledgeable about any campus resources you might need. 

They have also been screened for their interest in really getting to know their mentees and are willing to spend time with you one on one so that you know you have someone in your corner who will help support you throughout your first year.

In addition, Spider FLI mentors and mentees will also be invited to gather for larger social events periodically throughout the year.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in having a mentor, fill out this form with some information about yourself and what you are most looking for in a mentor. Some students really want someone who is studying a particular major. Other students want to find someone with whom they share some important personal characteristics. Still others are looking for someone who is willing to become a friend, and spend time with them while they get adjusted to this new place. This application form asks a lot of questions that should help you to tell us what you need. Feel free to use the open comments in the end. 

Still on the Fence?

Not sure if you need a mentor? What harm could it do? It will give you another person to reach out to with questions, who can help you think through which clubs to join, how to manage your time, listen and offer advice if you are feeling stressed, and anything else you need to know. In particular, this mentor program will match you with another first-generation or limited-income student who has experienced a lot of what you may be experiencing when you arrive, and they will be uniquely able to support you during your college journey, and they can keep you in the know about all the other resources for Spiders FLI students.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The 2022-23 program is open to all new class of 2026 and incoming transfer students who are officially designated as a first-generation and/or a limited-income student. The University of Richmond defines first-gen students as those whose parents or guardians have not completed a bachelor's degree. Limited-income students refer to those who receive a significant amount of need-based financial aid to come to Richmond. However, our goal is to be flexible enough to include students who believe their situation is similar enough that they would benefit from these services. If that applies to you, please contact Lisa Miles to discuss. 


There is the short application form. Space is limited but we hope to be able to accommodate all who are interested.


Contact Lisa Miles in the Student Center for Equity & Inclusion with any questions you may have.