About Us

Mission Statement

The Student Center for Equity and Inclusion strives to remove barriers and contribute to the community practice of belonging for University of Richmond students, in doing so we cultivate inclusive communities and empower students to be affirmed in their identities and the ways they intersect.

We support First-Generation, Limited Income, LGBTQ+, and Multicultural students by providing avenues to build community, explore identity, and develop skills that encourages them to flourish at the University of Richmond and beyond. 

SCEI commits to:

  • Cultivating opportunities that further develop a sense of belonging for the UR student population.
  • Advocating for historically excluded students by engaging, collaborating, and educating the UR community.
  • Celebrating the inherent diversity of the human experience.
  • Empowering our students to explore themselves, their communities, and their place in the world to exist authentically.

We challenge members of the campus community to join our efforts to promote social justice, cross-cultural dialogue, and awareness of systemic inequity.