Mentor Program

Welcome to the Spiders FLI Mentor Peer Program, which pairs incoming first-generation college students (where neither parent or guardian has a bachelor's degree) and/or limited-income students (those who require substantial financial aid to attend college), with returning first-generation and/or limited-income student peer mentors. The mentors are all academically successful and very excited to work with new first-generation or limited-income students. They will be available to talk about any challenges you may have settling in academically or socially and will be very knowledgeable about any campus resources you might need.

In addition to having regular access to your mentor, the entire Spiders FLI mentor and mentee program will be invited to group social events on and off campus periodically throughout the year.

Apply to have an FLI Peer Mentor

Why Should I Have a Mentor?

Having a peer mentor is like having a built-in friend when you get to Richmond who knows how to navigate campus, and how to be a successful student. They can answer any questions you have from where to buy affordable textbooks, to the best places to study on campus, or clubs to join to meet cool people. They can also be that person to eat with in the dining hall or just talk about life with. They will also have lots of practical advice, like how to manage your time, or when and how to talk with professors, and will keep you in the know about the resources and opportunities you might want to take advantage of. Plus they are all really fun and interesting people and they can't wait to meet you!

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The 2024-25 program is now open to all new students in the class of 2028 students who are first-generation or limited-income students. However, the goal of the Spiders FLI program is to be flexible enough to include students who believe their situation is similar enough that they would benefit from these resources. One example of this is someone whose parent received a degree in another country but is not familiar with American higher education. If you have questions about whether the program is appropriate for you, please contact the first-generation and limited-income staff at

Apply Today!

If you are interested in having a mentor, there is a short application to complete by July 1 with some questions about what you are most looking for in a mentor. Some students want someone who is studying a particular major. Other students want to find someone with whom they share an important identity. The application form asks questions that will help you tell us what you need. You will be informed in August if you received a mentor and they will reach out to you before the start of the semester.