Campus Partners

Thank you to the amazing Latinx Heritage Month committee and all our campus partners!

Faculty & Staff Members

Dafne Luna (she, her, hers, ella) Assistant Director for Latinx Student Support at SCEI
Taylor Hoogsteden (she, her, ella) Assistant Director of Programming, Center of Student Involvement
Isaac Skromne (he, him, his, el) Assistant Professor of Biology
Mariela Mendez (she, they, ellaChair of the Department of LALIS and Associate Professor of WGS
Emilia Hodal (she, her, hers) Administrative Coordinator- Center for Civic Engagement
Diana Trinh (she, her, hers) International Student Advisor, International Education
Mia Reinosa Genoni (she, her, ella) Dean of Westhampton College
Patricia Herrera (she, her, ella) Associate Professor of Theater and Dance
Vincent Savage (she, him, his) Director of Residential Dining
Onaney Garcia (she, her, hers, ella), Class of 2025