Support for Parents

You may find your child’s four years of college will be an exciting mixture of new experiences and challenges for the whole family. We acknowledge that you may have many questions about college and campus life. This website will hopefully help you learn more about all Richmond has to offer over the coming years.

Tips for Parents and Families of First-Generation College Students

  • Take time to learn more about resources and events for your student.
  • Visit the Richmond Parents webpage.
  • Attend parent orientation, especially the session offered for parents of first-generation college students.
  • Ask your student about what they need from you throughout their time at Richmond.
  • Learning about the college process and what to expect can be a shared experience for you and your student. Campus offices are here to provide clarity and support to both of you.

How will college change my child?

Over the course of their college years, you may find that your student changes in ways neither of you expected. They may develop a wider circle of friends and a broader range of interests than they had before. They may change their mind about what they want their major to be. They may find themselves excited about studying in another country or exploring an internship in a new city.
It’s important to remember that people between 18 and 22 years of age change and adjust in response to any experience that is new and different. Whether it is a first job, military service, or going to college, young people learn a lot from the freedoms and responsibilities that they encounter. It’s all part of growing into adulthood.
Richmond devotes considerable resources to helping students learn all they can about life while acknowledging their growing responsibilities.