Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does the Spiders FLI program do?
    Spiders FLI is a program that offers information about college and beyond, networking opportunities, leadership experiences, mentoring, community-building events, and recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of our first-generation and low-income students. There is nothing you need to do to join the program and attendance is not required. However countless students over the years have found that if they connect with this community early in their college career they will gain a wealth of connections and resources which can support them throughout their college career and after.
  • Who is considered a first-generation student?
    At Richmond, first-generation refers to students for whom neither parent or guardian have completed a four-year college degree. They may have attended some college, or obtained an Associate’s degree, and might even have an older sibling who completed college, but you still qualify as a first-generation college student and can participate in all aspects of the Spiders FLI program.
  • Who is a limited-income student?
    Limited-income students generally receive a substantial financial aid package from Richmond, covering most of the cost of their education, and/or are eligible to receive the federal Pell grant. There are often individual circumstances which effect whether these criteria are true for all students. Email to see if you qualify.
  • Do you have to be both a first-generation student and limited-income to participate in Spiders FLI?
    Absolutely not. You may fit into either category, or both, to participate in programs and services designed for Spiders FLI.
  • How do I know what is being offered?
    All first-generation students are sent emails in advance of all events so please check your email for Spiders FLI information. We also have an active Instagram account so follow us at @urspidersFLI. Finally, join our Group Me group chat which is the most active and easiest way to get information and advice from your peers.