Spiders Against Bias

Spiders Against Bias (SAB) is a student-run organization that trains student volunteers to be confidential, empathic responders when their peers have been affected by incidents of bias. The responders are trained to respond to their peers by phone, email, or text, and will listen, affirm, and refer them to appropriate campus resources should they desire them.  The group is supported and advised by the Student Center for Equity and Inclusion and CAPS. 

Operating Hours

SAB will operate during the evening hours, seven days a week once the members have completed refresher training at the beginning of each semester. SAB expects to be ready to receive calls by the beginning of February. 

  • On Sundays - Thursdays, SAB responders will be available from 6 pm - 12 am
  • On Fridays and Saturdays, SAB responders will be available from 8 pm - 2 am

Is the SAB Confidential?

Yes, the SAB will never share the names of any student contacts to University administration, or to their peers. They may encourage the student impacted by bias to report the incident to the University's Bias Resource Team, however that can be done anonymously.  They may recommend the student speak with someone in the Dean's office, CAPS, or even URPD, for support and guidance, however that will be up to the individual student to decide whether they follow through. 

How do I reach the SAB students on call?

There are three main ways to contact SAB.

  1. By calling their secure phone line at 804-385-3846
  2. By texting their secure phone line at 804-385-3846
  3. By emailing the group at sab@richmond.edu

What if I experience an incident of bias during the day?

SAB responders will not respond to a student until their shift officially begins in the evening. You are encouraged to wait until the beginning of the evening shift to contact SAB. If you are in great distress and do not feel you can wait until the shift begins you are encouraged to contact the Richmond or Westhampton Deans' office or CAPS for more immediate support during the weekdays. On the weekends you may contact URPD to be put in contact with the Area Coordinator on call. 

What exactly is a bias incident?

A bias incident is any action committed against a person or group that is motivated in whole or in part, by bias against the person’s or group’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion, or disability.

How do I become an SAB responder?

There will be recruitment for more SAB responders in the early fall of 2022. To learn more about the program contact Penny Hu at penny.hu@richmond.edu or Tyler Ferdinand at tyler.ferdinand@richmond.edu.