Thrive Multicultural Experience

Thrive Multicultural Experience

Thrive Multicultural Experience - Orientation, Community, Success
Thrive's purpose is to help multicultural students build community, develop professional skills, explore and embrace their identities, and prepare for their next adventure. The multicultural student experience is not a monolith and changes over time. This is why Thrive was developed as a collection of three different tracks; Orientation, Community, and Success. Each track is curated to cultivate, advocate, celebrate, and empower multicultural students throughout the different phases of their college experience.
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Thrive Orientation is a transition program for incoming First-Year students to help them build a community and familiarize themselves with the University of Richmond through a multicultural lens before New Spider Orientation (NSO). This track connects multicultural students to resources and opportunities that they can use to support their wellness, growth, and experience at UR. Participants will also be introduced to faculty and staff that specifically support the multicultural student experience, so they are aware of the network of support available to them around campus.
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Students that participate in Thrive Community will have access to activities, sessions, and identity-building experiences that will allow them to discover who they are and the value their ethnic background adds to the UR community. The program will also allow students from different racial and/or cultural communities to connect with each other. Students participating in this year-long program will gain a network of peers that they feel comfortable with continuing to build a relationship of understanding and support.
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Thrive Success is a post-graduate preparation program for junior and senior multicultural students. This program helps participants explore the different facets of living on their own as young adults for the first. Students can expect workshops on topics like work/life balance, making friendships, post-graduate grief, renting and moving, etc. This program is intended to provide insight into post-grad life that does not revolve around a career.