Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can anyone participate in Thrive Orientation?

    The Thrive Multicultural Experience is specifically designed for multicultural students.

  • Who are "multicultural" students?

    At the University of Richmond multicultural students are defined as:

    "Any student (domestic or international) with one or more (non-European) identities that are categorized as a minority in the United States in terms of their race, ethnicity, citizenship/immigration status, and/or country of origin."

  • Is there an application process for Thrive Orientation?
    No. There is no application/selection process to participate in Thrive Orientation or any of the other Thrive tracks. All we require is registration for participation in the program.
  • Can I participate in another transition program and Thrive Orientation at the same time?
    Yes. However, students that participate in more than one transition program will have an abbreviated experience and will miss out on opportunities like getting paired with a "special".
  • When is the registration deadline?
    The deadline for priority registration is June 1st. The general registration deadline is July 1st.
  • What comes with priority registration?
    Aside from having more time to be excited, with priority registration students can expect preliminary communications with Orientation Advisors and opportunities to meet with other Thrive participants virtually before coming to campus. The priority registration deadline also allows our staff to properly accommodate and order enough materials specifically for participants.