Pathways to Community

Staff from the Student Center for Equity & Inclusion sit down with the participants to discuss the importance of community building, especially for multicultural communities. In their conversations they cover how to find and/or build community at UR, how to hold space, and navigate community challenges.

Decoding the Professor

Select faculty members will engage with incoming students to discuss typical faculty expectations, academic standards, and how to work with academic advisors to ensure future success. 

Student Health & Well-Being

Staff members from Health & Well-Being cover all the resources available to students on campus for little to no cost at all. Our panelists also address the fears and challenges for multicultural people in healthcare and what they’re doing to support the community and bridge that gap.

Identity Table Talks

Students break into groups based on their identity and have small group discussions about experiences, empowerment, and enjoyment related to those identities. Afterward, the communities come back together to engage in a larger discussion about supporting the other communities represented in the room.

What's up at UR?

A session for students, led by students. This is an opportunity for Thrive participants to ask the Thrive Orientation Advisors the critical questions about life at UR as a multicultural student without the presence of administrative staff.